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Giving Out Free Samples Of Dog Meat

One of the best demonstrations I have ever participated in was with Bite Back last week! We set up a booth on the main shopping street in Antwerp and were giving out free samples of dog meat!

Dog meat?!?! Don’t worry, it was not actually dog meat.

Delicious Dog is a fake company created by Bite Back in order to hit the public with a very unique, thought-provoking outreach experience. All the product is plant-based, aka vegan, but to the public it looks like we are actually sampling dog.

I loved this demonstration so much! The majority of people that saw the sign and booth had to stop. “Dog, you’re serving dog?” “Are you kidding me, dog?” These were just a few of the reactions people had. We told them that all the dogs were humanely killed, free range, organic, and hormone free. People were still shocked.

This opened up the conversation. We then would ask why they think it is wrong to be serving and eating dog. “Because they are our pets,” people would say. Then we would ask if they eat any other animal, and go into a discussion about why we love some animals and eat others. This was a very powerful way to help people make the connection between the food they eat and the animals they keep as pet.

I witnessed so many people have this “ah ha” moment. I’d say the majority of the conversations went very well, with many people very interested in trying our 22 day vegan challenge. Some people even called themselves hypocrites. When something so extreme is put in front of their face, seeing that a dog is the same as a cow, chicken, pig, or fish was an easy connection to make.

So many people were speaking English, so I was able to have about 7 different conversations! Here is my live video from the demonstration! People loved this approach, and the video was viewed over 3.5k times in 24 hours!

Giving out free samples of "dog" meat w/ Bite Back in Antwerp!

Posted by Joshua Entis on Saturday, September 30, 2017

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